Car Paint Protection Film - PPF

Every car enthusiast wants their vehicle to be as good as new. Always Dry Lucknow Paint Protection Film is one of the best methods to protect the showroom quality finish on your car or bike. The practically invisible film will maintain your car looking newer longer- without adjusting the design features or color- by guarding vulnerable places such as front bumpers, hoods, side mirrors, door handle cavities, door edges, rocker panels, and rear fender panels. Made out of TPU Self Healing Material and HydroSeal Top Layer, our PPF (Paint Protection Film) gives you the advantage of PPF and Ceramic Coating Combined into 1. Up to 200 Microns Thickness with Years of Guarantee

Protect the finish of your car with Active Car Wash Paint Protection Film (PPF), keep your vehicle looking newer longer, and enhance the resale value of your car in the future.

Paint Protection Film can be professionally installed by Always Dry Lucknow anywhere you want to protect your vehicle finish from scratches, chips, stains, and other damaging parts. The virtually invisible film will not alter your car’s color or design elements. We are using High-Quality Paint Protection Film!