Always Dry Lucknow

Paint correction

At Always Dry Lucknow, paint correction is our specialty, and we are proud to stake our reputation on it. Paint correction is a long & labor-intensive process through which paint is properly compounded, 

polished, and restored to bring back that like-new or even better than new finish. Utilizing some of the best products and safest techniques, we're able to take paint in any condition to a whole new level of clarity and shine without risking the paint thickness.

Paint correction is the process of felling the clear coat on your vehicle to remove swirl marks, scratches, and scuffs.

This is completed through a complex and nuanced process that usually involves a two-steps – buffing and jewelling. Paint correction involves a great deal of attention, experience, and knowledge. We use a variety of compounds, polishes, pads, machines, and coatings to ensure your vehicle is show car ready.

Paint correction can involve machine polishing varying cleanser, polish, or compound grades. (can also be done by hand, but in today’s time and with today’s finishing, I would suggest machine polishing, preferably via an orbital polisher) Paint correction needs a high degree of skill and concentration but is done properly, and it really can change the look of a car by dealing with hard water marks, etching caused by bird droppings or bug and tar, swirl marks, scratches, and fading or dull paint.

 Done professionally, paint correction is entirely safe and will not cause any issues for your paint.

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